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Jobs & Economy

Kootenai County is known for its innovative and pro-business economic climate that attracts new industries and that supports the area’s well-educated workforce and skilled labor pool…

Partnerships between businesses and educational institutions increase the number of higher education and technical degree options for residents. These opportunities provide all residents the opportunity to achieve a high quality of life and help retain our local talent and youth.

Goal JE 1 – Business Friendly – Retain, grow, and attract businesses.

Objective JE 1.1 Actively engage with community partners in economic development efforts.

Objective JE 1.2 Foster a pro-business culture that supports economic growth.

Objective JE 1.3 Support local businesses by providing technical education and permit assistance to expand opportunities for affordable entry into the market.

Skilled Workers – Grow and attract talent.

Objective JE 2.1 Prepare youth for economic opportunity through coordinated STEAM and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and internship/ apprenticeship opportunities.

Objective JE 2.2 Invest in higher education certification and degree programs that align with the city’s export sectors and workforce needs.

Objective JE 2.3 Retain and attract talent to the community.

Support Startups – Enhance the startup ecosystem.

Objective JE 3.1 Convene a startup working group of business leaders, workforce providers, and economic development professionals and to define needs.

Objective JE 3.2 Develop public-private partnerships to develop the types of office space and amenities desired by startups.

Objective JE 3.3 Promote access to the outdoors for workers and workers who telecommute.

Objective JE 3.4 Expand partnerships with North Idaho College, such as opportunities to use the community maker space and rapid prototyping (North Idaho College Venture Center and Gizmo) facilities.

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