Implementation Plan

Our Overarching Vision: In the Future, Kootenai county is the vibrant heart of North Idaho…

Together, we foster a community of excellence that cultivates activity, partnerships and innovation. As the region’s cultural and economic center, our growth is balanced by an attainable cost of living, regional healthcare, diverse employment and advancement opportunities, and quality education options. We strive to protect our spectacular lake and water resources, connected green spaces, rich history, and healthy lifestyles that set our community apart.

Our residents are committed to our future and the legacy we celebrate. Our area and its residents value the diversity of our community and the inclusion of all voices. It is important for us all to have the courage to stand together, unite and understand that our differences make us stronger.

The Connect Kootenai Implementation Plan outlines objectives, goals, and actions within six key focus areas to bring the Vision to life. Developed through extensive community involvement, it will be periodically updated to stay current with changing community resources, opportunities, and long-term needs. Proposed changes or revisions will be evaluated for consistency with the Vision Statement.

The Implementation Plan is presented in a matrix format listing 19 goals, 46 objectives, and 134 actions. This ‘living‘ document is expected to include revisions and additions over time, and the plan will be periodically reviewed and updated to incorporate such changes, as well as to reflect the community’s progress in implementing its vision.


View the actions of the Implementation Plan by navigating to the focus areas below or view the .pdf and print the plan.

Six Focus Areas

people walking through Art on the Green event

Community & Identity

two young student girls excitedly looking trough a pile of books

Education & Learning

mother and child walking and riding along bike trail

Environment & Recreation

a busy sidewalk on Sherman in summer


CdA Firefighter carrying hose outside smoking building

Health & Safety

female technician in lab

Jobs & Economy