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Housing & Growth

Kootenai County is a desirable place to live and work…

Future growth is focused on improving our county’s livability by planning for a mix of land uses that are walkable, access to attainable housing options, employment opportunities, healthcare, quality schools and recreation. Neighborhoods include a variety of housing options and services where residents can walk or bike to cafes, shops, services, jobs, and open spaces. Existing and future development is connected by an extensive multimodal transportation system that incorporates public transit, automobiles, and safe and convenient pedestrian and bicycle routes.

Balanced Planning – Develop a mix of land uses throughout the city that balance housing and employment while preserving the qualities that make Coeur d’Alene a great place to live.

Objective GD 1.1 Achieve a balance of housing product types and price points, including affordable housing, to meet county’s needs.

Objective GD 1.3 Promote mixed use development and small-scale commercial uses to ensure that neighborhoods have services within walking and biking distance.

Objective GD 1.4 Increase pedestrian walkability and access within commercial development.

Objective GD 1.5 Recognize neighborhood and district identities.

Objective GD 1.6 Revitalize existing and create new business districts to promote opportunities for jobs, services, and housing, and ensure maximum economic development potential throughout the community.

Objective GD 1.8 Support and expand community urban farming opportunities.

Public Transportation – Support the development of a multimodal transportation system for all users.

Objective GD 3.1 Provide accessible, safe, and efficient traffic circulation for motorized, bicycle and pedestrian modes of transportation.

Objective GD 3.2 Provide an accessible, safe, efficient multimodal public transportation system including bus stop amenities designed to maximize the user experience.

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