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Health & Safety

Kootenai county will strive to be one of the safest and healthiest cities in the nation…

Our focus is on continually improving mental and physical health, as well as providing exceptional healthcare and emergency services. Convenient access to trails, parks, open spaces, community gardens and other public spaces provides residents with the opportunity to lead active lifestyles and participate in safe, healthy social activities. Police, fire, and emergency services in Kootenai county are fast, reliable, and trusted by the community. They are highly trained, with excellent equipment and facilities. Our government, businesses, and community groups collaborate to provide programs and services for our at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Community Health & Wellness – Support social, mental, and physical health in Kootenai county.

Objective HS 1.1 Provide safe programs and facilities for the community’s youth to gather, connect, and take part in healthy social activities and youth-centered endeavors.

Objective HS 1.2 Expand services for the city’s aging population and other at-risk groups that provide access to education, promote healthy lifestyles, and offer programs that improve quality of life.

Objective HS 1.3 Increase access and awareness to education and prevention programs, and recreational activities.

Accessible Health – Increase access to and capacity of health services.

Objective HS 2.1 Pursue expansion of comprehensive medical, dental, and mental health services to further meet the needs of the existing and growing population.

Objective HS 2.2 Increase public access to crisis services and develop specific programs that address and prevent drug and alcohol abuse and suicide.

Objective HS 2.3 Reduce the risk of homelessness by encouraging robust social services.

Exceptional Emergency Services – Continue to provide exceptional police, fire, and emergency services.

Objective HS 3.2 Enhance regional cooperation to provide fast, reliable emergency services.

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