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Environment & Recreation

Kootenai County is defined by its lake, river, and mountains…

Our community’s distinctive natural beauty is enhanced by easy access to parks, open spaces, natural areas, and an urban forest that connects our community members with nature. We continue to focus on access to nature, parks and pedestrian and bicycle trails from our neighborhoods and business districts. We also strive to maintain an award-winning recreation program and work with our neighboring jurisdictions to support emerging recreational activities. These priorities support a healthy lifestyle and provide our community with a variety of recreational opportunities.

Preserve Nature – Preserve and enhance the beauty and health of Kootenai county’s natural environment.

Objective ER 1.2 Improve the water quality of Coeur d’Alene Lake and Spokane River by reducing the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and managing aquatic invasive plant and fish species.

Objective ER 1.3 Enhance and improve lake and river habitat and riparian zones, while maintaining waterways and shorelines that are distinctive features of the community.

Objective ER 1.4 Reduce water consumption for landscaping throughout the city.

Diverse Recreation – Provide diverse recreation options.

Objective ER 2.2 Encourage publicly-owned and/or private recreation facilities for citizens of all ages. This includes sports fields and facilities (both outdoor and indoor), hiking and biking pathways, open space, passive recreation, and water access for people and motorized and non-motorized watercraft.

Objective ER 2.3 Encourage and maintain public access to mountains, natural areas, parks, and trails that are easily accessible by walking and biking.

Low Impact – Reduce the environmental impact of Kootenai county.

Objective ER 4.1 Minimize potential pollution problems such as air, land, water, or hazardous materials.

Objective ER 4.2 Improve the existing compost and recycling program.

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