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Education & Learning

In 2030, greater Coeur d’Alene’s schools are nationally recognized for innovation, well-trained teachers, demanding curricula…

…exceptional literacy, and culturally as well as globally-aware graduates. PreK-12 education has achieved stable sources of funding, ensuring excellent facilities, small class sizes, and the best technology. Our schools prepare students for professional and leadership positions in the community, as well as for skilled jobs in the regional economy. Our colleges and universities partner to offer greater educational options through combined campus, classroom, research and scholarship resources, and are actively involved in community affairs. Opportunities for lifelong learning abound, fostering mastery of new skills, academic enrichment, mentoring, and personal growth.


  • Distribution of 832 books to classrooms throughout Coeur d’Alene Public Schools to continue support of kindergarten through third-grade literacy
  • Youth Advisory Positions created on community leadership boards
  • Lifelong Learning Website created to promote lifelong learning opportunities for adults to access educational opportunities
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