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Education & Learning

Kootenai County education and lifelong learning opportunities are the foundation of our Communities future…

Our focus on education, from pre-K through post-secondary education, prepares students for life; creating culturally and globally aware graduates and a highly trained local workforce. We recognize that stable educational funding is necessary to support innovation in curriculum, instruction, and focused professional development. Collaboration with businesses and agencies provide real-world learning opportunities that prepare students for skilled labor, professional, and leadership positions. Our schools are accessible to all, providing educational options that inspire curiosity, entrepreneurialism, and offer lifelong learning opportunities for gaining new skills and fostering personal growth.

Quality Early Education – Encourage development of quality early care and education opportunities that supports students to reach age-appropriate learning benchmarks and provides childcare for the workforce.

Objective EL 1.1 Invest in early care and education infrastructure.

Objective EL 1.2 Increase access to quality childcare providers.

Objective EL 1.3 Provide early childhood education opportunities to achieve grade-level reading proficiency by 3rd grade.

Equipped Students – Promote an educational environment that equips students to reach their full potential.

Objective EL 2.1 Engage with the school district to shape the type of curricula received by students.

Lifelong Learning – Provide an educational environment that provides open access to resources for all people.

Objective EL 3.1 Increase opportunities for volunteers to work in schools.

Objective EL 3.2 Provide abundant opportunities for and access to lifelong learning, fostering mastery of new skills, academic enrichment, mentoring programs, and personal growth.

Objective EL 3.3 Support educators in developing and maintaining high standards to attract, recruit, and retain enthusiastic, talented, and caring teachers and staff.

Objective EL 3.4 Support the well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

Education Partnerships – Support partnerships and collaborations focused on quality education and enhanced funding opportunities for school facilities and operations.

Objective EL 4.2 Enhance partnerships among local higher education institutions and vocational schools, offering an expanded number of degrees and increased diversity in graduate-level education options with combined campus, classroom, research, and scholarship resources that meet the changing needs of the region.

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