Community Studies

Envision Coeur d’Alene Reports

The original CDA 2030 vision has evolved into a partnership with the City of Coeur d’Alene called Envision Coeur d’Alene, a long-range planning project created to develop a citywide plan through 2040. The Envision plan is a deep revision to the CDA 2030 original Implementation Plan and represents the City of Coeur d’Alene’s state-mandated comprehensive plan and roadmap for our community’s future. The Envision plan now contains more than 200 actions and involves hundreds of community partners. Envision Coeur d’Alene adds to and amplifies the voices of our citizens—a manifestation of what they would like greater Coeur d’Alene to be for generations to come.

2017 Implementation Plan

The 2017 CDA 2030 Vision Implementation Plan, included specific strategies and actions in each focus area to move us in the direction of our Vision – a total of 36 strategies and 180 actions in all. Greater Coeur d’Alene volunteer groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and local government will shared responsibility in bringing the Vision to fruition by leading or supporting implementation of specific actions. As of 2022 80 actions in the plan were completed, 44 were changed or combined moving into the updated plan, 27 carried over directly.

Community Opinion Leader Interviews

Community Opinion Leader Interviews are testimonies from individuals considered to be Opinion Leaders; community leaders whose perspectives and opinions are highly regarded by their peers and the wider community. These interviews served several purposes including to familiarize Interviewees with the visioning process; to gather ideas and suggestions on the implementation of the process; to help define the structure of the emerging vision and its specific focus areas; and to augment responses to key process questions gathered through general public outreach and a scientific community survey. Community Opinion Leaders responded under the condition that their names would not be associated with their answers. Therefore, the responses have been scrambled and are in no particular order of interviewee.

Project Validation Study Report

The Project Validation Study Report shares key information and raw frequencies gathered from CDA 2030’s Validation Survey conducted by Robinson Research.  From June 30, 2014 through July 21, 2014, a 400-sample size of community members participated this survey to test a variety of projects that could be undertaken in greater Coeur d’Alene.

Community Values Survey Report

The Community Values Survey Report shares key information and raw frequencies gathered from CDA 2030’s Community Survey which was conducted by the University of Idaho’s Social Science Research Unit.  From July 29-September 4, community members participated in a telephone survey sharing their perspectives on the future of our community.

Community Vision Summit Summary

The Community Vision Summit Summary shares key information gathered from CDA 2030’s Community Vision Summit which was held Saturday, November 16.  Over 125 participants engaged in reviewing key information and vision ideas collected from the community, affirmed a statement of core community values, worked on an overarching vision for greater Coeur d’Alene, and developed vision and strategies for specific focus areas.  The end results- a draft overarching vision statement and framework for an action plan. This report summarizes the event results within six vision focus areas of discussion by focus area.