I have an ex-mother-in-law (lived here for over 60 years) who was kicked out of her residence of 10 years a few months ago because the owners of the house got too good of an offer to turn down. Now she is living in a hotel and has zero ability to get into a rental or buy a house. She is on waiting list after waiting list with NO solution in sight.

My daughter and her husband (fifth generation CDA born) have been married and saving for 3 years and cannot afford to buy a house and their income and credit score is decent and above average.

I wasn’t able to buy a house (I am fourth generation) until right before the housing market crash in 2008 and took advantage of the zero-down home loans that were available back then. Plus I make more than my kids and I bought my house for $150,000 and could afford it then…I couldn’t afford any home in CDA now.

–Wendy, Coeur d’Alene ID